Reactor Operating Experience

Office of Nuclear Regulatory Research

The Reactor Operating Experience (OpE) Program is a program established by agency policy to collect, communicate, and evaluate OpE information. It is an interoffice program that encompasses lessons learned from operating nuclear reactor events, research and test reactor events, events or issues identified at nuclear reactors under construction, security-related reactor events, and emergency preparedness issues. The core objectives are to (1) collect, evaluate, communicate, and apply OpE to support the NRC’s goal of ensuring safety and security, (2) improve the effectiveness, efficiency, and realism of NRC decisions, and (3) provide stakeholders with timely, accurate, and balanced information. This digital exhibit will present the Office of Nuclear Regulatory Research OpE Program, the Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation OpE Dashboard, and progress on other data initiatives (e.g., Mission Analytics Portal (MAP), Operating Experience Data Analytics Tool (ODAT)).

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