Review of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies for Reactor Materials and Components

Office of Nuclear Regulatory Research

Advanced manufacturing technologies (AMTs) is a catch-all phrase that covers new, novel manufacturing techniques such as additive manufacturing, powder metallurgy-hot isostatic pressing, and electron beam welding. AMTs of interest to the NRC include those techniques and material processing methods that have not traditionally been used in the U.S. nuclear industry and have yet to be formally standardized. These technologies have the potential capability to reduce manufacturing time, eliminate warehouse needs, and produce one-off safety-related components for nuclear power plants (NUREG/CP-0310). The NRC has been informed that AMT parts are being considered for applications in the operating fleet as early as calendar year 2020. Studies conducted by NRC staff and U.S. Department of Energy contributors have provided more insight into the technical issues that must be addressed to assure reliability of specific AMT-produced components accepted by the NRC, including design, precursor materials, finished material properties, structural integrity, nondestructive evaluation, and quality assurance. This digital exhibit also discusses the emergence and harmonization of relevant codes and standards activities and will give an overview of NRC findings and recommendations related to AMTs for reactor materials and components.

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