Draft Regulatory Guide for Method to Assess Volcanic Hazards at Proposed New Reactor Sites

Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation

NRC staff anticipates that one or more new reactor applications will be submitted in the next two years for a site or sites with known volcanic hazards. Consequently, staff is developing a draft regulatory guide outlining an acceptable risk-informed method to assess volcanic hazards at proposed reactor sites.

The draft guidance will apply to all applicants for new nuclear power reactors, including small modular reactors and advanced reactors, licensed under 10 CFR Part 50 or 10 CFR Part 52. The draft guidance is expected to include a brief history of previous NRC reviews related to volcanic hazards and a discussion of the use of senior seismic hazards analysis committee study guidelines. It is expected to include specific steps and cover various design considerations such as ash fall, lava and debris flows, opening of new vents, pyroclastic density currents, volcanic earthquakes and other proximal hazards.

Page Last Reviewed/Updated Monday, December 28, 2020