Open Government Philosophy, Plan, and News

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The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) views nuclear regulation as the public's business and, as such, believes it should be transacted as openly and candidly as possible to maintain and enhance the public's confidence. Ensuring appropriate openness explicitly recognizes that the public must be informed about, and have a reasonable opportunity to participate meaningfully in, the NRC's regulatory processes. For additional information, see the following topics on this page:

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Our Philosophy of Open Government

The following pages highlight the overarching philosophy and policy framework for The NRC Approach to Open Government:

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The NRC's Open Government Plan

On April 7, 2010, the NRC issued a news release unveiling our agency's first formal Open Government Plan, which reiterated our longstanding commitment to openness; expanded upon The NRC Approach to Open Government; and outlined plans for new transparency, participation, and collaboration initiatives. Then, after incorporating feedback received from the public and other stakeholders, we issued Revision 1.1 of our Open Government Plan on June 7, 2010.

The following table lists all revisions and status updates issued to date. We also invite you to Share Your Ideas about this evolving plan, or see what others have contributed.

NRC Open Government Plan
Revision Date
Plan and Status Update 2021 09/27/2021
Plan and Status Update 2020 07/01/2020
Plan Update September 2019 09/24/2019
Plan Update September 2018 09/21/2018
Plan Update 2017-2018 09/22/2017
Status Update 2016-2017 09/15/2016
Addendum 2: Activities for 2014 – 2015 05/13/2014
Addendum 1: Activities for 2012 – 2013 04/09/2012
NRC Accomplishments in 2010 – 2011 10/21/2011
1-Year Assessment of Performance Against the Plan 04/11/2011
Revision 1.1 06/07/2010
Initial Release 04/07/2010

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News About Open Government at the NRC

The following table presents a chronological list of the related News Releases, Federal Register Notices, and other communications that the NRC has issued since President Obama launched the Open Government Initiative.

Date Description
Undated The NRC Joins YouTube (NRC Blog)
Undated An Open Forum Now Available (NRC Blog)
08/22/2012 Taking the Next Step – Building a 21st Century Digital Government (NRC Blog)
08/15/2012 Digital Government Strategy at the NRC
04/19/2012 The Terrible Twos (NRC Blog)
04/11/2012 Status of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission's Response to the Open Government Directive (SECY-12-0050)
04/04/2012 NRC Open Government Plan — Two Years In (YouTube Video)
04/01/2012 NRC Moves Its Public Photo Gallery to Flickr (NRC Blog)
02/01/2012 NRC Blog Celebrates Its First Birthday (NRC Blog)
01/26/2012 Three Minutes: New NRC Q&A Series Kicks Off (NRC Blog)
12/27/2011 Acting as a ‘Neutral' to Help NRC Meetings Be More Productive (NRC Blog)
12/21/2011 An Easier-to-Use ADAMS — You Asked, We Answered (NRC Blog)
11/18/2011 Free Donuts — NOT: Participate in Our Stakeholder Feedback Meeting (NRC Blog)
11/08/2011 Participate in Our Open Government Stakeholder Feedback Meeting
10/27/2011 Streamlining Service Delivery and Improving Customer Service (NRC Blog)
10/24/2011 NRC Open Government Program Accomplishments in 2010 – 2011
10/21/2011 Streamlining Service Delivery and Improving Customer Service (with NRC Customer Service Plan)
10/17/2011 New Data Set Focuses on Nuclear Reactor Oversight (NRC Blog)
10/13/2011 Blogging About Blogging (NRC Blog)
10/11/2011 CIO-Council .Gov Reform Initiative (with NRC Web Improvement Plan)
09/27/2011 Public Information? There's an App for That! (NRC Blog)
09/20/2011 The NRC Celebrates the Open Government Partnership (NRC Blog)
09/08/2011 The NRC Goes Live on YouTube (News Release)
08/24/2011 Follow Us on Twitter (NRC Blog)
08/24/2011 Follow NRC on Twitter (News Release)
06/09/2011 NRC Launches Plain Writing Section on Website (News Release)
05/25/2011 Working to Keep Our Web Info Current (NRC Blog)
05/10/2011 A Place on the NRC Website for Teachers and Students (NRC Blog)
05/06/2011 Improving Public Confidence in the NRC (NRC Blog)
04/28/2011 One-Year Anniversary of NRC's Open Government Plan – Your Suggestions Welcome! (NRC Blog)
04/14/2011 Coming Soon — A Better NRC Website (NRC Blog)
04/06/2011 Open Government Plan One-Year Assessment
03/18/2011 Catching Up on the NRC Blog (NRC Blog)
03/10/2011 Easier, More Comprehensive Search Available on NRC Website (NRC Blog)
02/15/2011 Are We Writing in Plain English? (NRC Blog)
02/02/2011 Which NRC Data Would Be Most Valuable to You in Open Format? (NRC Blog)
01/31/2011 Welcome Message from the Chairman (NRC Blog)
01/31/2011 NRC Unveils First-Ever External Blog To Enhance Dialogue with the Public (News Release)
07/09/2010 NRC To Use Web Survey for Measuring Public Perceptions of Agency Transparency (News Release) 10-007
04/07/2010 NRC Publishes New Open Government Plan; Now Seeking Public Input (News Release)
02/05/2010 Federal Register Notice 75 FR 6063, "Availability of NRC Open Government Web Site"
02/04/2010 NRC Launches New Open Government Web Page with Citizen Engagement Tool (News Release)
01/11/2010 NRC Seeks Input on Open Government Initiative (News Release)
01/11/2010 Federal Register Notice 75 FR 1418, "Implementation of Open Government Directive"
12/11/2009 NRC Strengthens Openness and Transparency with New and Ongoing Initiatives (News Release)