Combined License Applications for New Reactors

By issuing a combined license (COL), the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) authorizes the licensee to construct and (with specified conditions) operate a nuclear power plant at a specific site, in accordance with established laws and regulations. A COL is valid for 40 years from the date of the Commission finding, under Title 10, Section 52.103 (g), of the Code of Federal Regulations [10 CFR 52.103(g)], that the acceptance criteria in the combined license are met. A COL can be renewed for an additional 20 years. The NRC expects to receive applications for new LWR facilities in a variety of projected locations throughout the United States.

In a COL application, the NRC staff reviews the applicant's qualifications, design safety, environmental impacts, operational programs, site safety, and verification of construction with ITAAC. The staff conducts its review in accordance with the Atomic Energy Act, NRC regulations, and the National Environmental Policy Act. All stakeholders (including the public) are given notice as to how and when they may participate in the regulatory process, which may include participating in public meetings and opportunities to request a hearing on the issuance of a COL.

COL Applications Received

The links in the table below provide information on the COL applications that the NRC has received to date. The activities associated with reviewing these applications are reflected in the individual links for docketed COL applications.

Proposed New Reactor(s) Design Applicant Status
Aurora   Oklo, Power LLC Denied
Bell Bend Nuclear Power Plant U.S. EPR PPL Bell Bend, LLC Withdrawn
Bellefonte Nuclear Station, Units 3 and 4 AP1000 Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) Withdrawn
Callaway Plant, Unit 2 U.S. EPR AmerenUE Withdrawn
Calvert Cliffs, Unit 3 U.S. EPR Calvert Cliffs 3 Nuclear Project, LLC and UniStar Nuclear Operating Services, LLC Withdrawn
Comanche Peak, Units 3 and 4 US-APWR Luminant Generation Company, LLC (Luminant) Suspended
Fermi, Unit 3 ESBWR Detroit Edison Company Issued*
Grand Gulf, Unit 3 ESBWR Entergy Operations, Inc. (EOI) Withdrawn
Levy Nuclear Plant, Units 1 and 2 AP1000 Duke Energy Florida, LLC (DEF) Issued*
Nine Mile Point, Unit 3 U.S. EPR Nine Mile Point 3 Nuclear Project, LLC and UniStar Nuclear Operating Services, LLC (UniStar) Withdrawn
North Anna, Unit 3 ESBWR Dominion Virginia Power (Dominion) Issued*
River Bend Station, Unit 3 ESBWR Entergy Operations, Inc. (EOI) Withdrawn
Shearon Harris, Units 2 and 3 AP1000 Progress Energy Carolinas, Inc. (PEC) Suspended
South Texas Project, Units 3 and 4 ABWR Nuclear Innovation North America, LLC (NINA) Issued*
Turkey Point, Units 6 and 7 AP1000 Florida Power & Light Company (FPL) Issued*
Victoria County Station, Units 1 and 2 ESBWR Exelon Nuclear Texas Holdings, LLC (Exelon) Withdrawn
Virgil C. Summer, Units 2 and 3 AP1000 South Carolina Electric & Gas (SCE&G) Issued*
Vogtle, Units 3 and 4 AP1000 Southern Nuclear Operating Company (SNC) Issued*
William States Lee III, Units 1 and 2 AP1000 Duke Energy Issued*

* This page only tracks an application until a license is issued. Once a license is issued, the license holder is tracked at Combined License Holders for New Reactors.