2008 Public Meetings for Bellefonte Nuclear Station, Units 3 and 4 Application

The following table lists, in chronological order, the public meetings that staff of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) conducted with representatives of Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) in 2008, in connection with the review of the combined license (COL) application for Bellefonte Nuclear Station, Units 3 and 4. To learn about future meetings, see our Public Meeting Schedule.


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Date Description

Summary of September 12, 2008, Public Meeting to Discuss Hydrology Review Associated with the Bellefonte Combined License Application


Meeting with TVA to discuss Electrical Power and the Fire Safety Program Requests for Additional Information (RAIs)


TVA to discuss Bellefonte combined license application hydrology review


Public Scoping Meeting

03/26 - 27/08

Meeting with Westinghouse and TVA to discuss inservice testing program


Westinghouse and TVA Regarding AP1000 Design Certification Amendment