2008 Applicant Documents for Calvert Cliffs, Unit 3 Application

The following table provides access to the COL Application and other documents that Calvert Cliffs 3 Nuclear Project, LLC and UniStar Nuclear Operating Services, LLC submitted in 2008 for Calvert Cliffs, Unit 3.

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Date Description

UniStar transmittal letter for Calvert Cliffs Unit 3 COLA, Revision 3

See Application
10/31/08 Submittal of Response to Requests for Additional Information for Hydrology Report
10/31/08 Submittal of a Listing of the Combined License Application - Intake Structure Relocation Affected Sections
10/10/08 RCOLA Schedule Issue - Core Borings
10/10/08 Submittal of Replacement Disks for Response to Request for Additional Information
09/11/08 Submittal of the Published UniStar Nuclear Topical Report "Quality Assurance Program Description," Revision 1
08/20/08 Submittal of Corrected Revision 3 to the Combined License Application for the Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant, Unit 3
08/19/08 Submittal of Supplemental Information - Design Parameters for Category I Structure Foundation Dimensions
08/18/08 Submittal of Supplemental Information - Seismic Lateral Earth Pressure Analysis
08/01/08 Submittal of Revision 3 to Combined License Application, and Application for Withholding Documents
07/31/08 Submittal of Supplemental Information, Updated Information for Ground Motion Response Spectrum
07/14/08 Letter from Unistar to Corps enclosing Figures non-tidal and tidal wetlands, and concept site plan, and work description
06/20/08 Submittal of Supplemental Information, Detailed Ground Water Dewatering Plan
05/30/08 Submittal of Supplemental Information, Seismic Catalog
05/15/08 May 15, 2008 supplement (Emergency Plan (Part 5) and State and Local Emergency Plans (Part 11H)) [This Part contains information which is withheld from public availability.]
03/14/08 March 14, 2008 supplement (Information Associated with Soil Hazard Curves at Additional Annual Exceedence Frequencies)

UniStar transmittal letter for Calvert Cliffs Unit 3 COLA, Part II

See Application
03/03/08 March 3, 2008 supplement (Electronic Data Associated with the Probabilistic Seismic Hazards Analysis)
01/14/08 January 14, 2008 revision to partial COL application