Internal Commission Procedures

Complete Procedures




Chapter I — Commission Responsibilities

Chapter II — Decision Documents

Chapter III — Voting

Chapter IV — Commission Meetings/Hearings

Chapter V — Institutional Correspondence

Chapter VI — Transmittal of Sensitive Documents to Congress

Chapter VII — Congressional Hearings


  1. Procedures for Obtaining Nominations for NRC's Advisory Committees
  2. Procedures for Handling Withheld Documents in Commissioners' Offices Under FOIA
  3. Notation Vote Response Sheet
  4. Basis for Determining Voting Results
  5. Resolution of 2-2 Vote
  6. Specialized Procedures when Commission Review Time for Adjudicatory Actions is Limited
  7. Staff Requirements Memorandum and Commission Voting Record
  8. Procedures for Staff Presentations at Commission Meetings
  9. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Issuances
  10. Security Procedures for Conducting Classified Meetings/Hearings
  11. Record of Non-Sunshine Act Discussion
  12. Correspondence Response Sheets
  13. Commission Office and Staff Instructions for Processing Congressional Requests for Documents
  14. The Budget Process
  15. List of Positions for Which the Commission is the Awarding Authority for Performance Awards


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