Electronic Submittals Application

The Electronic Submittals application allows electronic transmission of information to the NRC pertaining to licensing actions, associated hearings, and other regulatory matters. The application ensures that information sent to the NRC via the Internet is secure and unaltered during transmission. For other communications with the NRC, see our Contact Us page.

The Electronic Submittals application operates 24 hours daily except when the application must be taken down for scheduled maintenance. System operators will post a notice on the Electronic Submittals home page whenever a scheduled outage is planned.

Users new to the Electronic Submittals application or in need of instructions should select the link below before accessing their applicable system:

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Electronic Submission Systems

The Electronic Submittals application supports three separate systems. Users may access their applicable system by selecting from among the following links:

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Electronic Submission for Operator Licensing Applications

Submitting reports for Part 55 is an integral part  of the issuance of licenses to operators and senior operators of utilization facilities licensed under the Atomic Energy Act of 1954, as amended.

There are two ways to submit Part 55 documents:

  1. Electronic Submission through the Electronic Information Exchange (EIE) Part 55 Interface

    This is the preferred and easiest method of reporting. Licensees complete the required forms such as Certification of Medical Examination by Facility Licensee (Form 396) and the Personal Qualification Statement (Form 398) and attach them to the Part 55 submission form which can be submitted electronically to the NRC.

    Use the following below listed Part 55 Forms when making an electronic submittal through EIE. Simply complete and save as a .pdf file before attaching in EIE:

    The benefits of using this method are:

    • Easy and timely,
    • Better data verification,
    • Secure data transfer, and
    • Enhanced data evaluation by both licensees and the NRC.
  2. Hard Copy via mail or by hand

    • By mail – Sent by mail and addressed to the Director of the Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation or the Director of the Office of New Reactors.

    By delivery in person to the NRC's offices at 11555 Rockville Pike, Rockville, Maryland

For additional guidance on operator licensing application submissions, please reference the user guide or view the following interactive video clips:

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Electronic Submission for Licensing Applications

These tools support the Licensing Applicants with their preparation of electronic application submissions that are composed of large numbers of documents. This is done with several components that work in conjunction with each other, both at the local Applicant site as well as internally at the NRC. For the use of these tools, it is essential that the Applicant closely coordinate their actions with their internal NRC Project Manager/Point of Contact. Close coordination is strongly recommended in preparation for the use of this electronic application submission option. It is also very likely that when downloading and installing these tools on a local workstation, the operator will be required to have "Administrator" privileges to complete these actions.

Electronic Submission Components:

  • Packing Slip Wizard – is the tool used by the Applicant, locally, to prepare an electronic application submission of a Design Control Document, Early Site Permit, Operating License or other large application to the NRC. This tool generates the application submission’s Packing Slip (i.e., a detailed description/manifest of the contents of the submission media).
    • PSW 3.1 – Windows XP; MS Office 2007
    • PSW 3.2 – Windows 7; MS Office 2007
    • PSW 5.0 – Windows 7; MS Office 2010 (64 bit) – Latest version!
  • Packing Slip Template– is the latest version of a complementary file used by both the Packing Slip Wizard tool (locally at the Applicant site) and the application Submission Registration Template tool (internally at the NRC). The references used by the Packing Slip Wizard and the Submission Registration Template must match precisely.
    Packing Slip Template local installation instructions
  • Packing Slip Wizard User's Guide – instructions for using the Wizard tool to prepare the Packing Slip that must accompany every electronic application submission.

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