Adjudicatory Submissions

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) regulations require the use of electronic submittals in the agency's hearings, consistent with the requirements and specifications set forth in the Electronic filing rule. Exceptions to the rule allow paper filings or filings on disc storage media only in limited circumstances.

The Adjudicatory Submissions system is one of the NRC's three existing electronic submission systems. This system is used for filings in proceedings before the Commission and Atomic Safety and Licensing Boards.

*Privacy Considerations: Unless excluded pursuant to an order of the Commission, an Atomic Safety and Licensing Board, or a Presiding Officer, documents submitted in adjudicatory proceedings will appear in the NRC's Electronic Hearing Docket, which is available to the public. Therefore, hearing participants should not include personal privacy information, such as social security numbers, in their filings unless such information is required by agency regulations [see, for example, paragraph (d)(1)(i) of 10 CFR 2.309] or other legal requirements.

(Note: The Adjudicatory Submissions system supports Internet Explorer v8.0 and above, current versions of Firefox, Chrome and Safari 10 and above.)

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