Public Affairs

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To be an effective steward for nuclear safety, the public must have confidence in the NRC's regulatory actions. One of the ways the NRC earns the public's trust is by providing information so the public better understands what the agency does and can participate more effectively in the regulatory process.

The Office of Public Affairs (OPA) provides the public and the news media with clear, accurate, and complete information about our programs, policy decisions, and activities, by issuing news releases, distributing Commission speeches, fact sheets, and brochures, and managing the NRC's social media program. The office is also available to respond to media and public inquiries. If you have questions or comments about the NRC, nuclear safety, or related topics, please Contact a Public Affairs Officer.

Media Resources - links to current and past news releases and other news-related resources, such as Commission speeches, fact sheets, and brochures.

Public Involvement - opportunities for public participation in the regulatory process.

Social Media Platforms