Technical Assistance Request, Department of Interior, Anchorage, AK; Use of Temporary Radiation Safety Officer

HPPOS-306 PDR-93062220148

See the memorandum from J. E. Glenn to R. J. Pate dated June 2, 1992.

This NMSS memo responds to a technical assistance request from Region V, dated April 15, 1992, concerning an amendment request from an NRC licensee who wanted a former employee to remain in his position as Radiation Safety Officer (RSO), in a voluntary status, until a new RSO was hired. HPPOS-307 contains a related topic.

Qualified persons may be authorized to act as a temporary RSO provided that the individual commits to a specific amount of time on-site during which he will be available to perform his duties as RSO. Additionally, the individual must be sufficiently available to respond to questions and operational issues on an as needed or emergency basis. The licensee must verify that the temporary RSO will have the authority to properly maintain and effectively manage the radiation safety program for the licensee and that in his absence, adequate control will be maintained of the facility.

The licensee must agree to the above as a license commitment which will be amended if the conditions of time on-site, availability and control change from those described.

The commitment of time and the level of authority necessary for a temporary RSO to adequately maintain and manage a radiation safety program must be determined and approved on a case-by-case basis by the licensing reviewer. However, the licensee should be aware that it is the responsibility of the licensee, through the RSO, to ensure that the radiation safety activities are performed in accordance with approved procedures and regulatory requirements and that the use of a temporary RSO does not in any way relieve the licensee of the responsibility of ensuring the safe use of byproduct material.

Regulatory references: 10 CFR 35.21, 10 CFR 35.900

Subject codes: 1.4, 1.5

Applicability: All

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