Health Physics Questions and Answers - Question 81

Question 81:

(a) Are licensees required to provide instruction on the procedures for declaring her pregnancy to an occupationally exposed woman if she does not enter a restricted area?

(b) Is it necessary to monitor all (occupationally exposed) declared pregnant women?


(a) There are no provisions in the revised Part 20, or in Part 19, to provide instruction on declarations of pregnancy to women who are occupationally exposed but do not enter a restricted area. It is suggested that the licensee, in accordance with good radiation practice, provide instruction on this topic to all occupationally exposed individuals, regardless of where they receive exposure.

(b) No. Only declared pregnant women who are likely to receive in one year from sources external to the body adose in excess of 0.05 rem (20.1502 (a) (2)) or who are likely to receive in one year a committed effective dose equivalent in excess of 0.05 rem from occupational intakes (20.1502 (b) (2)).

(Reference: 10 CFR 20.1502)

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