Palisades Nuclear Plant

Life cycle timeline consisting of 6 various stages of status (Pre-Licensing, Licensing, Construction, Operating, Operating with Intent to Decommission, Decommissioning) with the current status(s) shown in color, and the other available status are greyed out

Photograph of Palisades

Location: Covert, MI (5 miles S of South Haven, MI) in Region III
Operator: Holtec Decommissioning International
Operating License: Issued - 02/21/19911
Renewed License: Issued - 01/17/2007
License Expires: 03/24/2031
Docket Number: 05000255

Reactor Type: Pressurized Water Reactor
Licensed MWt: 2,565.4
Reactor Vendor/Type: Combustion Engineering
Containment Type: Dry, Ambient Pressure

Plant Diagram

1The AEC issued a provisional operating license on 03/24/1971, allowing commercial operation. The NRC issued a full-term operating license on 02/21/1991.

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All decommissioning transition licensing actions are complete and the plant has moved into full decommissioning status.

1.0 Site Identification

License Status: SAFSTOR
Permanantly Shutdown: 05/20/2022
Fuel Removed: 06/10/2022
Docket No.: 50-255
Project Manager: Tanya Hood

2.0 Site Status Summary

Palisades is a single unit pressurized water reactor located along the eastern shore of Lake Michigan in Covert Township, approximately four and one-half miles south of South Haven, Michigan, and consists of the pressurized water reactor, other associated plant equipment, and related site facilities. Palisades is also the site of the generally licensed Palisades ISFSI.

By letter dated June 13, 2022, Entergy Nuclear Palisades (ENP) certified that all fuel had been removed from the reactor. On June 28, 2022, the operating license for Palisades was transferred from Entergy to Holtec Decommissioning International (HDI) for the purpose of decommissioning Palisades. HDI submitted the Palisades Post-Shutdown Decommissioning Activities Report (PSDAR) to the NRC on December 23, 2020, and official review of the HDI PSDAR commenced after completion of the license transfer. A PSDAR public meeting will be scheduled in the vicinity of the Palisades plant by the end of 2022. In the PSDAR, HDI stated its intention to move all of the spent nuclear fuel into dry cask storage and fully decommission the facility by 2041.

Significant Decommissioning Licensing Documents:

  • Certification of Permanent Cessation of Power Operations – ML17004A062, ML17271A233, and ML17292A032
  • Certification of Permanent Removal of Fuel from the Reactor Vessel – ML22164A067
  • Palisades Post-Shutdown Decommissioning Activities Report (PSDAR) and Site-Specific Decommissioning Cost Estimate (DCE) – ML20358A232
  • Approval of the Certified Fuel Handler (CFH) Training Program – ML17151A350
  • Amendment to the Administrative Controls Section of Technical Specifications – ML18114A410
  • Exemption from the Requirements of 10 CFR Part 73, Sections 73.55(p)(1)(i) and (p)(1)(ii) Related to the Suspension of Security Measures in an Emergency or During Severe Weather – ML17216A802
  • Amendment to Revise Emergency Response Organization (ERO) Staffing Requirements – ML18170A219
  • Exemption from Certain Record Retention Requirements – ML21195A368
  • Exemption for the Decommissioning Trust Fund – ML21286A581
  • Amendment ‑ Proposed Defueled TS and Revised License Conditions for Permanently Defueled Condition – By letter dated May 13, 2022 (ML22039A198), the NRC staff issued Amendment No. 272 for Palisades. The amendment revised the renewed facility operating license and the associated technical specifications to permanently defueled technical specifications consistent with the permanent cessation of operations and permanent removal of fuel from the reactor vessel.

The following decommissioning transition licensing actions are ongoing:

  • License Amendment for Permanently Defueled Emergency Plan (PDEP) – ML22193A090
  • Exemption from Portions of Title 10 of the Code of Federal Regulations (10 CFR) 50.47 – ML22192A134
  • Exemption from 10 CFR 50.54(w)(1) – On-Site Property Damage Insurance - ML22299A062
  • Exemption from 10 CFR 140.11(a)(4) - Off-Site Liability Insurance Requirements – ML22299A059
  • Cyber Security Amendment Request - ML22257A097

3.0 Major Technical or Regulatory Issues


4.0 Estimated Date for Closure

Calendar year 2041

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