NRC Announces the Establishment of a Director of Communications Position

[The following communication was sent to All NRC Employees on August 6, 2003.]

To: All NRC Employees

From the beginning of my service as a Commissioner, I have emphasized the importance of improving external and internal communications. In order to advance the achievement of this top priority goal with respect to external communications, and with the full support of my fellow Commissioners, I am making the following changes to the agency’s processes and
procedures for external communications.

To provide integrated leadership and direction for external communications, I am establishing in my office the position of Director of Communications. The incumbent of this position will report directly to me, and will be responsible for enhancing the effectiveness of NRC’s communications with the public, the media, and the Congress in support of the agency’s strategic goals. This individual will direct and supervise the activities and functions of the Office of Public Affairs and the Office of Congressional Affairs, coordinate communication matters with the Office of the Executive Director for Operations and with Commission and staff offices, and provide policy, guidance, and oversight for communication activities across the agency. This will include defining roles and responsibilities and developing processes for overseeing and coordinating interactions with the media and the Congress and communication with stakeholders and the general public. The incumbent will design and implement programs and tools to carry out the Commission’s external communication and outreach programs, and will acquire and manage staff resources who are cognizant of the functions and duties pertaining to external communication and congressional affairs activities.

The process for recruiting and hiring to fill this position is underway. I am confident that it will bring to the agency a highly qualified individual who will carry out these duties and responsibilities successfully and thereby make significant improvements to our external communications.

Nils J. Diaz

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