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Photograph of the Nuclear Fuel Services Facility  

Location: Erwin, TN
Licensee: Nuclear Fuel Services, Inc.
Operating License: SNM-124
License Expires: August 31, 2037
Docket Number: 07000143

Facility Type: Fuel Fabrication
Facility Status: Operating / Partial Decommissioning

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Site Identification

Type of Site: Fuel Cycle Facility
Project Manager: Kevin Ramsey

Site Status Summary

The NFS plant is located in Unicoi County, TN. It is 0.5 miles southwest of the Erwin City limits and and 0.2 miles from the Nolichucky River. The site occupies about 70 acres and the elevation is about 30 feet above the Nolichucky River.

NFS has conducted nuclear fuel fabrication and uranium recovery operations since 1959. The facility produces nuclear fuel containing both high-enriched and low-enriched uranium.

Major Technical or Regulatory Issues

Some areas of the site (including groundwater) have become contaminated with radioactive material and chemicals. NFS is engaged in various decommissioning activities that are expected to continue for several years.

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