MOX Fuel Fabrication Facility Inspection Program Construction Phase - Construction Inspection Procedures

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The procedures list was obtained from Inspection Manual Chapter 2630, "Mixed Oxide Fuel Fabrication Facility Construction Inspection Program"

Construction Inspection Procedures

IP Number Description
IP 88131 Geotechnical/Foundation Activities
IP 88132 Structural Concrete
IP 88133 Structural Steel and Supports
IP 88134 Piping Relied on for Safety (under development)
IP 88143 Pipe Supports and Restraints
IP 88136 Mechanical Components
IP 88137 Electric Cable (under development)
IP 88138 Electrical Components and Systems
IP 88139 Ventilation and Confinement Systems
IP 88140 Instrumentation and Control Systems (under development)
IP 55050 Nuclear Welding General Inspection Procedure
IP 55100 Structural Welding General Inspection Procedure
IP 88141 Procedures – Fire Prevention/Protection
IP 88142 Underground Fire Water Loop and Equipment Installation

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