MOX Fuel Fabrication Facility Inspection Program Construction Phase - Pre-Operational Inspection Procedures

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The procedures list was obtained from Inspection Manual Chapter 2630, "Mixed Oxide Fuel Fabrication Facility Construction Inspection Program"

Pre-Operational Inspection Procedures

IP Number Description
IP 88030 Radiation Protection
IP 86740 Inspection of Transportation Activities
IP 88005 Management Organization and Controls
IP 88010 Operator Training and Retraining
IP 88015 Nuclear Criticality Safety Program
IP 88016 Nuclear Criticality Evaluations and Analyses
IP 88017 Criticality Alarm Systems
IP 88020 Operational Safety
IP 88025 Maintenance and Surveillance Testing
IP 88035 Radioactive Waste Management
IP 88045 Environmental Protection and Effluent Control
IP 88050 Emergency Preparedness
IP 88051 Evaluation of Exercise and Drills
IP 88055 Fire Protection
IP 88070 Permanent Plant Modifications
IP 88071 Configuration Management

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