Frequently Asked Questions About the Regulatory Information Conference (RIC)

This page is designed to answer questions frequently asked by RIC participants. If you have a question not posted below or would like further clarification on a particular topic, please send an email to

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What is the official language of the RIC?

All communications and content for the RIC will be provided in English.  Any attendee who requires Limited English Proficiency services or support to participate in the RIC is encouraged to see "Limited English Proficiency" below for instructions on how to request these services or support.

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Is there a conference fee for the RIC?

No, there is not a registration fee for RIC participants. It is completely free to the public.

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Who do I contact for Reasonable Accommodation services or support?

The NRC provides reasonable accommodations to individuals with disabilities, as defined under the ADA, where appropriate. A reasonable accommodation here is defined as a modification or adjustment to allow a person with a disability to register and participate in the RIC. If you need a sign language interpreter or another reasonable accommodation to participate in the RIC, indicate “yes” and upon successful completion and submission of your registration, an email will be sent to on your behalf.  Using the contact information provided on your registration, a representative will contact you directly to discuss details of the services or support requested. Two-weeks’ advance notice is requested to ensure arrangements are in place to support the services or support requested. Every effort will be made to address any reasonable accommodations requests received with less notice.

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Who do I contact for Limited English Proficiency services or support?

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) is dedicated to improving access to agency programs and activities by persons with Limited English Proficiency (LEP) by ensuring that persons with LEP can meaningfully access and understand information about NRC-conducted programs and activities, including public meetings.  LEP will only be provided for in-person attendees at the RIC. If you need translation or interpretation services to participate in-person at the RIC, please indicate “yes” in the Limited English Proficiency section of registration, select your language from the dropdown list and someone will contact you to discuss your request using the contact information provided on your registration form.  If you can’t complete registration in English, please contact Two-weeks’ advance notice is requested to ensure arrangements are in place to support the services or support requested. Every effort will be made to address any limited English proficiency requests received with less notice. Attendees should have a “smart” device available to them to be able to fully participate in the conference.

See Translation:

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How many days or sessions can I attend?

You may attend as many days or sessions of the conference as you wish. For the days or sessions that you choose to attend, you must be registered.

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How do I get my name added to the On-Line Registrant List?

If you have registered and do not see your name, organization, and location (country) on the On-line Registrant List, it may be that you did not check the box that gives permission for your information to be posted and made available to the public. If this has happened, DO NOT register again as this will cause a duplicate registration entry. Instead, send an e-mail to the requesting to revise your registration. Please recognize that this request is not automatically generated, therefore, please allow enough time for the change to be processed through the system.

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When I click on a link, why doesn't it work?

Try refreshing your screen by clicking on the reload or refresh button on your top toolbar. If that does not work, you may want to clear out your memory and disk cache. If this still does not resolve the problem, please contact us at for assistance.

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I did not receive a confirmation notification when I registered. What should I do?

To avoid duplicate entries in the registration database, please DO NOT register again. Instead, contact the registration contractor (see below) to verify your registration status. If you have successfully registered and you are in the system, simply email and ask for your conference confirmation notification to be emailed to you.

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When will the conference program materials be available on-line?

Program materials will be made available on the RIC website for reference as soon as they have been approved for posting. All efforts will be made to ensure presentation materials are approved and posted approximately two weeks prior to the start of the conference date.

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How can I get copies of presentations and speeches from the RIC?

Materials received during the conference will be posted to the RIC website approximately four (4) weeks following the conference. Information from the last three previous conferences are located on the RIC website, program agenda page, until they are archived.  Archived presentations and can be accessed by navigating to the Past RIC Information page. If you still do not find the information you are looking for, contact us at and we will try to help you.

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Who do I contact for registration inquiries?

If you wish to change your online registration status, cancel your registration, or make any other changes to your registration, please direct all questions to:

RIC Registration Team
SD Solutions LLC.


For general registration questions, please email

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