Asian American and Pacific Islander Institutions (AAPII)

Grant Awards

In FY 11, NRC awarded $450,000 in grants to AAPIIs. In FY 12, NRC awarded $100,306 in grants to AAPIIs. The 23% decrease is due to funding from two different programs.

NRC Measurable Results

NRC's measurable results include:

  • Implemented an AAPII program;
  • Provided outreach, technical assistance, training, coordination of effort, and other support and assistance to AAPIIs;
  • Made AAPII faculty and students aware of NRC’s mission, jobs, programs, and funding opportunities; and
  • Participated in recruitment activities, career fairs, events and information sessions sponsored by, or at AAPIIs (e.g., Georgia Tech University, University of Maryland) and the Federal Asian Pacific American Council (FAPAC).

Return on NRC Education Investments

University of Maryland (UM) - Nuclear Engineering Undergraduate Laboratory Enhancement at the University of Maryland. UM's goal is to develop a new laboratory course in radiation detection/measurement and reactor operations. UM's measurable results include:

  • Drafted 4 PowerPoint modules; and
  • Additional modules will be written during summer 2013, with the intent to finalize them by August 31st.