Public Involvement in Uranium Recovery

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has a long-standing practice of conducting its regulatory responsibilities in an open manner, and keeping the public informed of the agency's regulatory, licensing, and oversight activities. For that reason, the NRC is committed to informing the public about its regulatory activities regarding uranium recovery, and providing opportunities for the public to participate in the agency's decisionmaking process. See Public Meetings and Involvement, Hearing Opportunities and License Applications, and NUREG/BR-0215, "Public Involvement in the Regulatory Process," for general information about the available opportunities for public involvement in NRC activities. For information specifically related to public involvement in uranium recovery, see the following topics on this page:

Public Meetings

Public meetings about uranium recovery may relate to operating facilities; license applications for new facilities, expansions, restarts, and renewals; or sites undergoing decommissioning. For more specific information about public meetings that the NRC staff has conducted to discuss topics related to uranium recovery, see the following related pages:

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Uranium Recovery Workshops

Staff from the NRC's Uranium Recovery Licensing Branch also meet annually with representatives of the National Mining Association to exchange information. These Uranium Recovery Workshops are attended by licensees, staff of State and Federal agencies, and members of the public. See the presentation materials from the following workshops:

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Outreach Strategy for Indian Tribes

In addition to its public meetings and annual workshops, the NRC has developed a proactive approach to promote government-to-government relations between itself and Federally recognized Indian tribes that have a known interest in, or may be potentially affected by, the NRC's regulation of uranium recovery facilities. For detail, see Outreach Strategy for Indian Tribes Potentially Affected by Uranium Recovery Sites.