Strategic Goal 1: Ensure the safe and secure use of radioactive materials

For this goal, a successful outcome is one in which the civilian use of radioactive materials within the United States is carried out in a manner that protects public health and safety, promotes the common defense and security, and protects the environment.

Safety and Security Objective 1.1: Provide quality licensing and oversight of nuclear facilities and radioactive materials.

Safety and Security Strategy 1.1.1: Promote risk-informed decisionmaking to result in effective and efficient oversight, rulemaking, and licensing and certification activities.
Safety and Security Strategy 1.1.2: Maintain material safety and security through the National Materials Program in partnership with Agreement States.
Safety and Security Strategy 1.1.3: Uphold high quality standards and technical proficiency.
Safety and Security Strategy 1.1.4: Ensure that programs for the handling and control of classified and sensitive unclassified information are effectively implemented at the NRC and at licensed facilities.
Safety and Security Strategy 1.1.5: Ensure that licensees have measures to address the potential for increased risk due to climate change.

Safety and Security Objective 1.2: Ensure that regulatory requirements adequately support the safe and secure use of radioactive materials.

Safety and Security Strategy 1.2.1: Maintain and further risk-inform the current regulatory framework using information gained from operating experience, lessons learned, external and internal assessments, technology advances, research activities, and changes in the threat environment.
Safety and Security Strategy 1.2.2: Proactively identify, assess, and address safety issues, threats, vulnerabilities, and security risks.
Safety and Security Strategy 1.2.3: Leverage institutional knowledge, including that of Agreement States, to identify key areas of regulatory improvement.

Safety and Security Objective 1.3: Maintain emergency preparedness and response capabilities for NRC and NRC-licensed facilities.

Safety and Security Strategy 1.3.1: Ensure that the NRC maintains its readiness to respond to incidents and emergencies involving NRC-licensed facilities and radioactive materials, other events of domestic and international interest, and public health emergencies or other emergencies involving NRC’s facilities and workforce.
Safety and Security Strategy 1.3.2: Ensure that licensees have programs and plans in place to enable an NRC finding of reasonable assurance that adequate protective measures can and will be taken in the
event of a radiological emergency.