Strategic Goal 3: Inspire stakeholder confidence in the NRC

To be successful, the NRC must not only excel in carrying out its mission but must do so in a manner that inspires confidence. The NRC strives to promote transparency in its regulatory activities; provide opportunities for candid and meaningful public participation; and demonstrate that the agency is a capable, independent, trustworthy, and objective regulator. Confidence in the NRC and engagement with stakeholders are enhanced when the agency consistently carries out its mission in an effective, timely, disciplined, and open manner.

To achieve this goal, the NRC must be viewed as an independent, open, and reliable regulator. This will be accomplished by providing stakeholders with clear and accurate information about, and giving them a meaningful role in, the agency’s regulatory processes.

Stakeholder Confidence Objective 3.1: Engage stakeholders in NRC activities in an effective and transparent manner.

Stakeholder Confidence Strategy 3.1.1: Foster proactive and meaningful interactions with States, Tribes, other governmental and nongovernmental organizations, the regulated industry, the international regulatory community, and other members of the public.

Stakeholder Confidence Strategy 3.1.2: Provide a fair and timely process to allow public involvement in NRC decisionmaking.

Stakeholder Confidence Objective 3.2: Uphold an NRC decisionmaking process that is data driven and evidence based while ensuring information is available and accessible to interested stakeholders.

Stakeholder Confidence Strategy 3.2.1: Engage stakeholders to ensure awareness and understanding of the NRC’s regulatory requirements and decisions.

Stakeholder Confidence Strategy 3.2.2: Develop effective communication strategies to explain how risk and uncertainty are addressed and considered in the decisionmaking process.

Stakeholder Confidence Strategy 3.2.3: Make information about the NRC’s regulatory activities available and accessible to interested stakeholders.

Stakeholder Confidence Strategy 3.2.4: Ensure that stakeholders, particularly members of the public who may be disproportionately impacted by the agency’s decision, are aware of opportunities for public engagement in the NRC’s decisionmaking processes.

Stakeholder Confidence Strategy 3.2.5: Ensure that the NRC maintains and publishes accessible and comprehensive information by transforming agency information and siloed databases.

Stakeholder Confidence Strategy 3.2.6: Leverage feedback received from a broad range of stakeholders in the agency’s decisionmaking processes.

Stakeholder Confidence Strategy 3.2.7: Maintain a high standard of quality and clarity in NRC documents to promote confidence in the agency’s work.