Locations of Complex Materials Sites Undergoing Decommissioning

The NRC's Office of Nuclear Material Safety and Safeguards (NMSS) has project management responsibility for decommissioning complex materials facilities. Currently, 38 complex materials sites are undergoing decommissioning in the United States, as illustrated below.

Under certain conditions (as allowed by the Atomic Energy Act), the NRC enters into agreements with State governors. Those agreements authorize individual States to regulate the decommissioning of complex materials facilities within their borders. States that meet these conditions and agree to regulate materials using the same standards as the NRC are called Agreement States. Currently, 11 of the 37 Agreement States are regulating the decommissioning of 26 complex materials sites, with technical support from the NRC's regional offices, as needed.

In States that do not have agreements with the NRC, NMSS and the NRC's regional offices exercise regulatory authority over the decommissioning of complex materials facilities. In addition, the NRC retains regulatory authority over decommissioning in certain portions of Agreement States that are subject to "exclusive Federal jurisdiction," including most American Indian reservations and certain areas of military bases. Currently, the NRC is overseeing the decommissioning of 12 NRC-regulated complex materials sites in 8 States.

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Complex Materials Complex Materials Fuel Cycle Facilities Fuel Cycle Facilities
* Materials licensees in Missouri (MO) are overseen by Region III.
** Region I oversees all materials licensees in Region II.

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