Regulatory Issues Summaries of Interest to Medical Use Licensees

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RIS-18-03 09/11/2018 Notice of Issuance of Enforcement Guidance Memorandum—Interim Guidance for Dispositioning Apparent Violations of 10 CFR Parts 34, 36, and 39 Requirements Resulting From the Use of Direct Ion Storage Dosimetry During Licensed Activities
RIS-18-01 (ERRATA) 01/22/2018 Common Violations Cited During First 2 Years of 10 CFR Part 37, "Physical Protection of Category 1 and Category 2 Quantities of Radioactive Material," Implementation and Guidance Documents Available to Support Rule Implementation
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RIS-16-11 11/13/2016 Requests to Dispose of Very Low-Level Radioactive Waste Pursuant to 10 CFR 20.2002
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RIS-15-18 and
12/14/2015 Sodium Iodide-131 (I-131) Patient Release Information Collection
RIS-15-08 06/24/2015 Oversight of Counterfeit, Fraudulent and Suspect Items in the Nuclear Industry
RIS-15-03 02/24/2015 Identifying and Reporting Security Incidents Under 10CFR Part 37
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RIS-14-10 09/18/2014 Requirements for Exempt Distribution Licensee Annual Transfer Reports
RIS-14-08 05/27/2014
Rev 1: 5/5/2016
Regulatory Requirements for Transfer of Control (Change of Ownership) of Specific Materials Licenses
RIS-14-04 05/12/2014 National Source Tracking System Long-Term Storage Indicator
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RIS-13-12 08/23/2013 Notice of Issuance of Enforcement Guidance Memorandum – Interim Guidance for Dispositioning Violations Involving 10 CFR 35.60 and 10 CFR 35.63 for the Calibration of Instrumentation to Measure the Activity of Rubidium-82 and the Determination of Rubidium-82 Patient Dosages
RIS-13-10 07/30/2013 Permanent Implant Brachytherapy Reporting Medical Event Reporting Under 10 CFR Part 35
RIS-13-03 04/24/2013 RIS 2013-03 “Pre-Application Communication and Scheduling for Medical Radioisotope Facilities Intending to Produce Molybdenum-99
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RIS-12-04 03/20/2012 Notice of Revision to the Criteria for Identifying Materials Licensees for Discussion at the Agency Action Review Meeting
RIS-12-01 01/17/2012 Availability of Safety Culture Policy Statement
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RIS-11-06 07/01/2011 Pre-Application Communication and Voluntary Submittal of Schedule For Future Molybdenum-99 Facility Licensing Actions for NRC Review
RIS-11-01 01/25/2011 NRC Policy On Release Of Iodine-131 Therapy Patients Under 10 CFR 35.75 To Locations Other Than Private Residences
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RIS-10-09 09/09/2010 Radiation Safety Officers for Medical-Use Licenses Under 10 CFR Part 35
RIS-10-04 05/25/2010 Monitoring the Status of Regulated Activities during a Pandemic
RIS-10-02 01/21/2010 The Global Threat Reduction Initiative (GTRI) Federally Funded Voluntary Security Enhancements for High-Risk Radiological Material
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RIS-09-15 12/03/2009 National Source Tracking System Annual Inventory Reconciliation
RIS-09-09 07/13/2009 Use of Multiple Dosimetry and Compartment Factors in Determining Effective Dose Equivalent From External Radiation Exposures
RIS-09-07 05/07/2009 Status Update For The Implementation Of NRC Regulatory Authority For Certain Naturally Occurring And Accelerator-Produced Radioactive Material
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RIS-08-31 12/01/2008 Licensing Requirements for Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy
RIS-08-24 10/03/2008 Security Responsibilities of Service Providers and Client Licensees
RIS-08-23 10/03/2008 The Global Threat Reduction Initiative (GTRI) Domestic Threat Reduction Program & Federally Funded Voluntary Security Enchancements for High-Risk Radiological Material
RIS-08-17 07/18/2008 Voluntary Security Enchancements for Self-Control Irradiators Containing Cesium Chloride Sources
RIS-08-13 06/16/2008 Status and Plans for Implementation of NRC Regulatory Authority for Certain Naturally Occurring and Accelerator-Produced Radioactive Material
RIS-08-12 05/09/2008 Considerations for Extended Interim Storage of Low-Level Radioactive Waste by Fuel Cycle and Materials Licensees
RIS-08-11 05/12/2008 Precautions to Protect Children Who May Come in Contact With Patients Released After Therapeutic Administration of Iodine-131
RIS-08-09 03/24/2008 Notice of Revision to Criteria for Nominating Materials Licensees for Discussion at the Agency Action Review Meeting
RIS-08-07 03/27/2008 Dose Limit for Patient Release Under 10 CFR 35.75
RIS-08-02 02/01/2008 Actions to Increase the Security of High Activity Radioactive Sources
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RIS-07-27 12/05/2007 Improving Public Understanding of the Risks Associated with Medical Events
RIS-07-23 10/04/2007 Date for Operation of National Source Tracking System
RIS-07-22 10/04/2007 Status Update for Implementation of NRC Regulatory Authority for Certain Naturally-Occurring and Accelerator-Produced Radioactive Material
RIS-07-15 06/05/2007 Unescorted Access to Materials for Non-Manufacturer and Distributor Service Providers
RIS-07-14 06/05/2007 Fingerprinting Requirements for Licensees Implementing the Increased Control Order
RIS-07-13 08/31/2007 Verification of the Authenticity of Materials Possession Licenses
RIS-07-10 05/15/2007 Subscriptions to New List Server for Automatic Notifications of Medical-related Generic Communications, Federal Register Notices And Newsletters
RIS-07-05 03/20/2007 Status and Plans for Implementation of NRC Regulatory Authority for Certain Naturally-occurring and Accelerator-produced Radioactive Material
RIS-07-04 03/09/2007 Personally Identifiable Information Submitted to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
RIS-07-03 03/01/2007 Ionizing Radiation Warning Symbol
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RIS-06-27. Sup. 1 06/27/2007 Availability of NRC 313a Series of Forms and Guidance for Their Completion
RIS-06-27 12/13/2006 Availability of NRC 313A Series of Forms and Guidance for their Completion
RIS-06-26 12/07/2006 Training and Experience and Grandfather Provisions for Authorized Medical Physicists under 10 CFE Part 35
RIS-06-25 12/07/2006 Requirements for the Distribution and Possession of Tritium Exit Signs and the Requirements in 10 CFR 31.5 and 32.51a
RIS-06-19 09/14/2006 Availability of Guidance on Radioactive Seed Localization
RIS-06-18 08/31/2006 Requesting Exemption form the Public Dose Limits for Certain Caregivers of Hospital Patients
RIS-06-16 08/15/2006 Transfer of the Management Oversight of Certain NRC Region I Licensees in Mississippi to the NRC Region IV Office
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RIS-05-31 12/22/2005 Control of Security-Related Sensitive Unclassified Non-Safeguards Information Handled by Individuals, Firms, and Entities Subject to NRC Regulation of the Use of Source, Byproduct, and Special Nuclear Material
RIS-05-24 11/23/2005 Control of Radiation Dose to Visitors of Hospital Patients
RIS-05-23 10/07/2005 Clarification of the Physical Presence Requirement During Gamma Stereotactic Radiosurgery Treatments
RIS-05-21 11/14/2005 Clarification of the Reporting Requirements in 10 CFR 20.2201
RIS-05-18 08/25/2005 Guidance for Establishing and Maintaining a Safety Conscious Work Environment
RIS-05-16 08/10/2005 Issuance of NRC Management Directive 8.17, Licensee Complaints Against NRC Employees
RIS-05-13 07/13/2005 NRC Incident Response and the National Response Plan
RIS-05-12 07/11/2005 Transportation of Radioactive Material Quantities of Concern NRC Threat Advisory and Protective Measures System
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RIS 04-01 02/17/2004 NRC Regulatory Issue Summary 2004-01: Method for Estimating Effective Dose Equivalent from External Radiation Sources Using Two Dosimeters
RIS-04-11 06/29/2004 NRC Regulatory Issue Summary 2004-11: Supporting Information Associated with Requests for Withholding Proprietary Information
RIS-04-17 11/23/2004 NRC Regulatory Issue Summary 2004-17: Revised Decay-in-Storage Provisions for the Storage of Radioactive Waste Containing Byproduct Material
RIS-04-17r1 09/27/2005 Revised Decay-In-Storage Provisions for the Storage of Radioactive Waste Containing Byproduct Material
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RIS 03-17 10/06/2003 NRC Regulatory Issue Summary 2003-17: Complying with 10 CFR 35.59, "Recentness of Training," for Board-Certified Individuals Whose Training and Experience Were Completed More than 7 Years Ago
RIS 03-15 09/05/2003 NRC Regulatory Issue Summary 2003-15: Consolidation of the Region I and Region II Materials Program
RIS 03-04 02/13/2003 NRC Regulatory Issue Summary 2003-04: Use of the Effective Dose Equivalent in Place Of the Deep Dose Equivalent in Dose Assessments
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RIS 02-23 11/27/2002 NRC Regulatory Issue Summary 2002-23: Availability of Guide For Diagnostic Nuclear Medicine
RIS 02-20 11/07/2002 NRC Regulatory Issue Summary 2002-20: Clarification of Requirements Under 10 CFR 35.432,"Calibration Measurements of Brachytherapy Sources
RIS 02-19 10/21/2002 NRC Regulatory Issue Summary 2002-19: New Modalities to be Regulated under 10 CFR 35.1000
RIS 02-10 07/09/2002 NRC Regulatory Issue Summary 2002-10: Revision of the Skin Dose Limit in 10 CFR Part 20
RIS 02-06 04/16/2002 NRC Regulatory Issue Summary 2002-06: Evaluating Occupational Dose for Individuals Exposed to NRC-licensed Material and Medical X-rays
RIS 02-02 01/16/2002 NRC Regulatory Issue Summary 2002-02: Lessons Learned Related to Recently Submitted Decommissioning Plans and License Termination Plans
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RIS 01-04 01/24/2001 Issuance of Updated Guidance on The Transfer of Ownership or Control of Licensed Activities (NUREG-1556, Volume 15)
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RIS 00-09 06/26/2000 Standard Review Plan for Licensee Requests to Extend the Time Periods Established for Initiation of Decommissioning Activities
RIS 00-10 06/30/2000 Technical Information to Facilitate Public Access to the U. S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission's Agencywide Documents Access and Management System (ADAMS)
RIS 00-10er 08/07/2000 ERRATA Technical Information to Facilitate Public Access to the U. S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission's Agencywide Documents Access and Management System (ADAMS)
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RIS 99-01 10/04/1999 Revisions to the Generic Communications Program
RIS 99-04 11/23/1999 Sources of Information Previously Published in the AEOD Annual Report

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