DOE-NRC Workshop on Advanced Non-Light Water Reactors - September 1-2, 2015

The purpose of the workshop was to explore options for increased efficiency, from both a technical and regulatory perspective, in the safe development and deployment of innovative reactor technologies. This included examining both near-term and longer-term opportunities to test, demonstrate, and construct prototype advanced reactors and establish the most appropriate licensing processes.

The workshop was the first in a series of workshops to allow key stakeholders to share perspectives, reach a common understanding, identify potential challenges, and explore opportunities. The initial workshop focused on exchanging information from the various entities (NRC, DOE, industry) on topics such as:

  • clarification of roles and responsibilities
  • common understanding of terminology
  • existing regulations, policies, practices
  • existing programs, initiatives and activities to support advanced reactor development
  • potential challenges to advanced reactor deployment
  • identification of gaps or critical needs
  • discuss opportunities for improving the existing processes and practices

Workshop Documents