Region IV Jurisdiction

Map of NRC Region IVAlaska Hawaii Region IV Location California Nevada Idaho Utah Oregon Montana North Dakota South Dakota Nebraska Kansas Wyoming Colorado Arizona New Mexico Oklahoma Arkansas Louisiana Texas Washington State Region IV Location Missouri

U.S. NRC Region IV
1600 E. Lamar Blvd.
Arlington, TX 76011

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Area Covered by Region IV

Alaska, Arizona*, Arkansas*, California*, Colorado*, Hawaii, Idaho, Kansas*, Louisiana*, Missouri, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska*, Nevada*, New Mexico*, North Dakota*, Oklahoma*, Oregon*, South Dakota, Texas*, Utah*, U.S. Pacific Territories, Washington*, and Wyoming.

Region IV also oversees Callaway plant in Missouri, MO, which is part of Region III. Region II oversees the Region IV commercial nuclear fuel processing facilities in NM and WA.


* These states are "Agreement States" which have assumed the regulation of radioactive materials with the exception of nuclear reactors, fuel facilities, and certain other facilities.

Types and Numbers of Licensees in Region IV

Nuclear Power Reactors: 19 (located at 13 sites)
Research and Test Reactors: 17  
Uranium Milling Facilities: 26  

*Fuel cycle facilities located within these States falls within the jurisdiction of Region II.