Results of Previous CRGR Reviews – 2010

CRGR Internal Discussion None 01/21/2010 CRGR #425 ML100110557 The CRGR discussed the planned CRGR response to the Executive Director for Operations regarding the future role of the CRGR.
NRC Regulatory Issue Summary 201X-XX, "Regulatory Requirements for Application of Weld Overlays and Other Mitigation Techniques in Piping Systems Approved for Leak-Before-Break"(Released version number RIS 2010-07) Informal Review 02/23/2010 N/A Waived
LIC-202, Revision 2, Procedures for Managing Plant-Specific Backfits and 50.54(f) Information Requests Informal Review 04/12/2010 N/A Waived
NRC Regulatory Issue Summary 2007-16, Rev 1 "Implementation of the Requirements of 10 CFR 54.37(b) for Holders of Renewed Licenses" Informal Review 04/22/2010 N/A Waived
NRC Regulatory Issue Summary 2010-06, "Inservice Inspection and Testing Requirements Of Dynamic Restraints (Snubbers)" Informal Review 05/26/2010 N/A Waived
Obtain CRGR feedback on the staff's interpretation of backfit requirements as they apply to options being considered for inclusion in the GSI-191, "Assessment of Debris Accumulation on PWR Sump Performance," SECY paper requested by the Commission Formal Review 08/10/2010 CRGR #426 ML102090113 The CRGR supports the staff's proposal to identify and evaluate potential approaches and options along with a recommended path forward in response to the Commission's May 17, 2010, SRM.
NRC Regulatory Issue Summary "2008-05, Revision 1, Lessons Learned to Improve Inspections, Tests, Analyses, And Acceptance Criteria Submittal" Informal Review 09/21/2010 N/A Waived
NRC Regulatory Issue Summary 2005-02, Rev. 1, "Clarifying the Process for Making Emergency Plan Changes" Formal Review 10/29/2010 CRGR #427 ML102090113 The CRGR determined that the change to require the use of 10 CFR 50.90 for emergency plan changes needing prior approval in accordance with 10 CFR 50.54(q) is not a backfit.
NRC Regulatory Issue Summary 2009-XX, "Spent Fuel Storage and Transportation (SFST)-14, "Acceptance Review Process,'" Informal Review 12/03/2010 N/A Waived

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