Results of Previous CRGR Reviews – 2016

Interim Staff Guidance, “Guidance for the Evaluation of Acute Chemical Exposures and Quantitative Standards” Formal Review 01/28/2016 CRGR #440 ML16032A047 Endorsed
RIS 2016-01, “NEI Guidance for the Use of Accreditation in Lieu of Commercial Grade Surveys for Procurement of Laboratory Calibration and Test Services” (ADAMS Accession No. ML15323A346) Informal Review 02/08/2016 Internal Summary Email Endorsed
RIS 2016-04, “Clarification of 10 CFR 50.46 Reporting Requirements and Recent Issues with Related Guidance not Approved for Use by the NRC” (ADAMS Accession No. ML15324A296) Informal Review 03/30/2016 Internal Summary Email Endorsed
RIS 2016-07, “Containment Shell or Liner Moisture Barrier Inspection” (ADAMS Accession No. ML16068A436) Informal Review 04/19/2016 Internal Summary Email Endorsed
Backfit Evaluation Document, “Evaluation for Compliance Backfit Exception: Open Phase Condition Design Vulnerability in Electric Power System” (Agencywide Documents Access and Management System [ADAMS] Accession No. ML15254A208). Formal Review 05/17/2016 CRGR #441 ML16145A431 Endorsed
Regulatory Issue Summary: 2016-10, “License Amendment Requests for Changes to Emergency Response Organization Staffing and Augmentation” Informal Review 06/30/2016 Internal Summary Email Endorsed
Regulatory Issue Summary: 2016-xx - Clarifications on Security Compensatory Measures Requirements Informal Review 08/11/2016 Internal Summary Email Withdrawn by requesting Office
RIS 2016-11 Requests to Dispose of Very LLRW Pursuant to 10 CFR 20 2002 Informal Review 09/08/2016 Internal Summary Email Endorsed

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