Risk-Informed Activities

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) undertakes a variety of activities to integrate risk information and performance measures into the agency's regulations, regulatory guidance, and oversight processes.

The current activities are organized along the agency's major arenas, subarenas, and functional distinctions, as follows:

Additionally, in early 2011, a Task Force for Assessment of Options for More Holistic Risk-Informed, Performance-Based Regulatory Approach was commissioned. The Task Force's goal was to develop a strategic vision and options for adopting a more comprehensive and holistic risk-informed, performance-based regulatory approach for reactors, materials, waste, fuel cycle, and transportation that would continue to ensure the safe and secure use of nuclear material. Findings from the task force were published in NUREG-2150.

This list of activities originates from a long history of risk plans including, the Risk-Informed and Performance-Based Plan (RPP), the Risk-Informed Regulation Implementation Plan (RIRIP) and the PRA Implementation Plan. The most recent plan, the RPP, 1) included performance-based elements, 2) organized activities along the agency's three primary regulatory arenas of reactors safety, material safety, and waste management and 3) formalized objectives, bases, and goals for each subarena to help to determine which initiatives the NRC should continue, which initiatives the agency should discontinue, and which new initiatives the agency may need to implement.

See also the History of the NRC's Risk-Informed Regulatory Programs for more information on the PRA Implementation Plan, the RIRIP, the RPP and links to the periodic status reports for each of these initiatives.

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